The South African Training Providers Forum is an all-inclusive representative registered non-profit company.  The Forum assists its members of Training Providers and Sector Freelancers with their day-to-day sector operational issues as well as with opportunities for growth. Our forum includes the following services:


  • Listing of Trainers, Assessors, Moderators and SDF.
  • Search and subscription of JOB listings.
  • Post JOB listings.
  • CPD certificates.
  • Join Training Discussions for professional development.

  • Accredited & Non-Accredited Providers.
  • (Paid Membership) Online Training Provider directory.
  • (Paid Membership) Tender bulletin notifications.
  • (Paid Membership) SETAs & QCTO event alerts.
  • (Paid Membership) Discretionary alerts.



  1. To represent a wide range of Accredited and Non-Accredited Training Providers and sector related Freelancers in the industry within the different bodies in the sector in South Africa.
  2. To speak as one “voice” for the industry and its members.
  3. Representing Accredited Training Providers and sector Freelancers within industry bodies that focus on training for employability and the creation of job opportunities.
  4. Promote opportunities for growth within the industry through invasive technology and affordable subscription fees.
  5. Close the GAP in communication and opportunities between the Training and Educational Sector partners.
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